Thursday, January 8, 2009


Welcome to Sheer-Rock. Sheer rock conjures up many mental pictures. I like the name because I like rocks in general. The bigger the better. I like Rock music too---the old stuff of Elvis, the Beetles, the Everly Brothers (Rock-a-billly), and The Stones. Great stuff. But then, I like rocks to climb, to view, to sit on, to feel beneath my feet. Rock is also theological. Jesus is the Rock. His message is a rock to build on. Rocks are also foundational things. There are philosophical rocks, faith rocks, music rocks, movie rocks, etc. I like talking about all these things. In this blog, I will mostly be dealing with biblical and theological studies. That's my passion.


  1. Hi Rance,

    It’s been a long time.

    I am so glad that you are doing this. This past year, we have been moving through the “foundations” of the faith; the building blocks of early monotheism and the Abrahamic faith, along with Jesus’ guiding humanity back onto the intended trajectory of the Father’s intent. We also called it the Meta-narrative of the Hebrew scriptures; the meta-narrative of the Old building of his kingdom, overlaying the meta-narrative of Jesus’ story of correcting back to the kingdom course, and the early Churches journey of remaining on that trajectory—the New. In a sense, journeying through all their stories historically, in a deliberate way to connect the emotional, political, and necessary framing of their pilgrimages, and capturing the humanity of their experience as they wrote about themselves and God. We used (and still are using) the Revised Common Lectionary as connecting points, and year A was a great tool for that work.

    To my surprise, prior to this, the religious teaching or understanding of our folks at Still Waters had not ever experienced this “walking through” history and connecting biblical text like this before. Their prior church experience was (of course) disconnected doctrines built in a confusing way supporting whatever denominational bent they came from, and creating their view of the bible to be more mystical and magical (and unapproachable), exempting us from cooperating with God’s moving today.

    I am really looking forward to your thoughts in this kind of forum. I really respect your perspective and understanding, and doing it through a blog is just great!

    Thanks again Rance, and I’ll be reading.

    His peace, and my best,

  2. Thank you, Kork. Your comments are most enlightening---You should be the one writing my summary! Anyway, as soon as I find some extra time, I'll be trying to add to things here. Blessings on your pastoral and prophetic ministry. Rance